Hand Crafted

Hand Crafted, Carved and Painted Custom Duck and Goose Calls and Decorative Waterfowl Carvings

by award winning carver, Scott Schroder

greenwingandcallswebWelcome To My Web Site!

I offer the finest quality entirely hand crafted, carved and painted duck and goose calls and decorative waterfowl carvings available today.

My calls are tailored to both the serious call collector, and hunter as well. Both my calls and decorative carvings have won many awards at shows throughout the United States.

callsonrailwebCome in and enjoy my site. I have many calls in stock and will be happy to commission any type of call or waterfowl carving. As you browse my site, I’ll provide a bio on me, more great photos and commission and pricing details of my calls and my birds. Thank you for visiting my site and please feel free to contact me and leave your comments and feedback on my calls and this site.

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